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Jewelry with character
designed to reveal yourself

I aspire to celebrate the self-esteem and uniqueness of every woman by bringing them joy.

My mission is to create quality jewelry designed to support women in their quest for self-confidence. By allowing my clients to create their own rules of the game and wear my jewelry with pride and confidence, I want them to feel capable of accomplishing anything.


My approach

I am committed to offering you quality, handmade jewelry, made in my workshop in Brussels.

Each piece of jewelry created is tested to ensure great comfort. Just like you, I hate jewelry that pulls on my earlobes or hinders my mobility. My jewelry is designed to be worn day or night, depending on your mood. You can wear them when you want to.

Atelier Basaalt_Tampon_Made in Brussels_Cornaline.png

Follow the adventures of Basaalt        @atelierbasaalt

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